Quick and Easy Egg Salad Sandwich recipes

Egg Salad Sandwich recipes are one of the simplest sandwiches in the world to make, especially if you have few hard boiled eggs already available. Add some chopped celery for crunch, some green onions or chives for the green leaves like lettuce, insert salt and pepper for seasoning, and a tablespoon of mayonnaise to combine everything together. Easily!


• One hard-boiled egg peeled and roughly chopped
• 1 to 2 Tbsp mayonnaise
• Two tablespoons chopped celery
• One tablespoon chopped green onion or chives
• A pinch of curry powder
• Salt and pepper (to taste)
• Lettuce leaves
• Two slices white, wheat, multigrain, or rye bread, toasted or plain


Mash up the chopped egg a small piece with a fork. Fold chopped eggs, mayonnaise, celery, and onion together. Sprinkle with salt and black pepper and curry powder to taste. Mix with a spoon gently.
Grease the pan with oil and toast your bread slices light golden brown. Put a layer of lettuce leaves on one slice of bread, spread the egg mixture on top of the lettuce leaves, put another slice of bread on top.


Egg Salad Sandwich recipe is one of the best sandwich recipes in the world.It has a pleasant tasting with celery, green olives, mayo and mustard paste you will devour definitely.



• 12 bacon slices
• Eight large hard-boiled eggs, peeled, roughly chopped
• 1/3 cup finely chopped celery
• 1/4 cup chopped green olives
• 1/2 cup mayonnaise
• One tablespoon Dijon mustard
• 12 slices white sandwich bread, toasted
• 12 red leaf lettuce leaves
• Salt and black pepper to taste


Stir fry bacon in a large heavy pan over medium heat until brown and crisp, about 8 minutes. Using a slotted spoon, move bacon to paper towels to drain. Cut bacon slices diagonally in half.

Mix chopped eggs, celery, and green olives in a bowl. Mix in 1/4 cup mayonnaise and mustard. Season with salt and black pepper.

Grease the grill pan and toast bread slice.Place toast slices on work surface; spread remaining mayonnaise. Divide egg salad among six toast slices. Place four bacon pieces; then two lettuce leaves put egg salad on top each. Wrap with remaining toast slices, mayonnaise side down. Cut sandwiches crossways in half.

Simple Homemade Egg Salad Sandwich Recipes

Egg Salad Sandwich recipe is simple, easy, and the flavor is great. Cooking consuming time is for the eggs boiled. Perfect for breakfast, lunches, picnics, cookouts, snacks, finger foods, etc.

Simple Homemade Egg Salad Sandwich Recipes


• Six hard-boiled eggs
• Two tablespoons light mayonnaise
• One tablespoon mustard paste
• One tablespoon relish
• Black pepper (optional)
• Lettuce leaves (optional)
• Six slices whole wheat bread (any type you want)


Boil eggs peel them and finely chop boiled eggs.
Mix in light mayonnaise two tablespoons at a time, so not to add too much.
Add in mustard paste, relish, and black pepper.
Place egg salad mixture on bread.
Top sandwich with lettuce.
And Enjoy the perfect healthy meal!

The Best Egg Salad Recipes

The Best Egg Salad Recipes


• Six hard steamed eggs, chilled and peeled
• 1/4 cup mayonnaise
• 1/2 teaspoon zest
• 1 1/2 teaspoons fresh juice from one lemon
• 1/3 cup finely diced celery
• 1/4 cup finely sliced scallions, white and pale-green parts only
• One tablespoon minced fresh parsley leaves
• Salt and freshly ground black pepper
• Bread, lettuce leave, and thinly sliced radishes, for serving

How to make this recipe

Add roughly chopped eggs, mayo, finely chopped celery, scallions, parsley and lemon juice, in a bowl. Using fork mixing all ingredients of the bowl until desired consistency. Season generously with salt and black pepper. Serve it with sliced radishes, lettuce, and bread.


How to Make an Egg Salad Sandwich

Egg salad sandwiches recipe is a fastener on sandwich platters. This recipe is very easy to make and yummy to eat.

How to Make an Egg Salad Sandwich


• 1 egg
• mayonnaise – 1 tsp to 2 tbsp
• Two slices bread or tortilla wrap
• chopped green onion (optional)
• chopped parsley (optional)
• celery chopped (optional)
• lettuce (optional)
• sliced tomato (optional)

Procedure making sandwich 10- easy steps:

Step 1

Boil egg in a saucepan for ten minutes.

Step 2

Peel the egg.

Step 3

Put the egg in a bowl and mash with a fork.

Step 4

Add mayonnaise in the mashed egg.

Step 5

Add chopped green onion, celery or parsley if preferred.

Step 6

Sprinkle Salt and pepper to taste.

Step 7

Spread this filling on bread or in tortilla wraps.

Step 8

Add lettuce leaves or tomatoes.

Step 9

Add top slice of bread or wrap tortilla.

Step 10

Serve and enjoy this yummy recipe.

The Best Egg Salad Sandwich Recipes

Egg Salad Sandwiches recipes should be banned if you make this, and this should be the only sandwich ever allowed to made.

The Best Egg Salad Sandwich Recipes


• Six eggs hard boiled
• Four pieces of cooked bacon
• 2 T chives
• ¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese
• 4 ounces cream cheese
• 3 Tablespoons mayonnaise
• ½ teaspoon salt
• ¼ tablespoon fresh cracked black pepper
• Bread (any type you like)


Boiled eggs in a pot till ten minutes and peel them, In a small bowl mash eggs with a fork, add cream cheese, mayo, chives, salt, and pepper.

Cooked bacon then finely chop the bacon and add to eggs mixture.

Add shredded cheddar cheese to the mixture. Fold this mixture in cream cheese.

Now put this egg salt on the sandwich cover with another sandwich serve on croissants with spinach.

Open “Face” Egg Salad Sandwich Recipes

Egg Salad Sandwich recipe is very popular for school going, kids. It is very delicious and easy recipe.

Open "Face" Egg Salad Sandwich Recipes


• 7 eggs
• 1/4 cup mayo
• Two teaspoons mustard
• 1/2 teaspoon each salt and ground pepper
• One slice ham


In a saucepan, cover seven eggs with water and boil 10 minutes. Put eggs in a bowl under cold running water until cool. Peel eggs shell.

Slice 2 eggs with an egg a knife. Put 8 of the slices for eyes. Place remaining egg pieces in a bowl and mash with a fork. Insert mayonnaise, mustard, and salt and ground black pepper and mix well.

Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on each of 4 slices of bread; coat with egg salad or 1 slice ham. Make faces, using egg slices. Serve immediately.